Bubo Edit

Bubo is a Quai Lir Elf from the Green Isles (located in the West). He is a Ranger and has recently received favor from Hortiel, and is now learning the ways of a Druid. Bubo has a Heartbeast, Dumeril, who is half Owl, half Eagle. Bubo is fame-seeking and self-adoring. He carries several portraits of himself, one being a Mimic disguised as a portrait. All the adventurers know it's a Mimic, but Bubo constantly denies it.

Bubo has a dedicated fan club led by co-presidents Hank and Barry (and yes, Bubo has his own fan merch).

Nitsuj Allsop Edit

Nitsuj is a Quai Lir Elf also from the Green Isles. Nitsuj is a Wizard with a love of knowledge and his curious nature often gets him into trouble. His heartbeast is Halestorm, a half Horse, half Dragon. While in Copperforge, Nitsuj gained access to the Royal library, found a book in the restricted area, and accidentally become a host to a powerful demigod demon entity, Kelreck. Kelreck promised Nitsuj power in exchange for five souls in three days. Motivated by the desire for new abilities, Nitsuj killed five people with Kelreck's dagger that had been embedded in his arm. Nitsuj was granted the power of necromancy and the ability to raise the dead. With the fifth soul taken, Kelreck was freed from the book that imprisoned him. Nitsuj has vowed to end Kelreck permanently.

Captain Ora "Golden Eye" Stone Edit

Ora is a Tiefling Rogue who grew up on the high seas. Before coming to Roufel, Ora gained the favor of the goddess Kleth and was given Warlock abilities. Her original ship, the Eel's Jelly, capsized and sank during the Great Wave (or tsunami) that devastated Roufel. Ora disguised herself as her ward, Ophelia, when she first met Tenoch, Nitsuj and Bubo in order to use them to find the Red Box which she was smuggling to bring to Jaret Valmir. In Copperforge, Ora earned the trust of Queen Sleekrun and became Captain of the Royal Guard. But with dissention growing in the mountain over the execution of the prisoner Menno (leader of the Forgotten). Ora's plan to de-thrown the queen was interrupted by the discovery of Kerluke, an orc chieftan who was on the move to attack Copperforge. After losing the mountain to the orc's powerful army and his demon ally Thal Alhoun, Ora destroyed the mountain with the explosives rigged inside as a last stitch effort to destroy Kerluke. Even though the army was decimated, Kerluke and Alhoun had forged a bond and have become an even more powerful singular entity.
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